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  • What is the LA Reentry Collaborative?
    The LA Reentry Collaborative is a network of partner organizations promoting successful reentry and reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals.
  • Who is part of the LA Reentry Collaborative
    You can see all members on the Network Page.
  • How can I join?
    Thank you for your interest in joining the LA Reentry Collaborative. Please fill out this form to join.
  • What is an ACH?
    An ACH is an accountable community of health: they tend to be independent, regional organizations that work hand in hand with their communities on specific health care and social needs-related projects and activities. You can learn more about ACHs on the CACHI website.
  • How do ACHs differ from other community health coalitions or collaboratives?
    ACHs are not just an opportunity to share information (although they do provide this opportunity). They embrace collective action through a more formalized and established structure, which in turn facilitates and encourages collaboration between different organizations and sectors. Learn more here.
  • Where else have ACHs been deployed? What issues have they focused on solving?
    California is home to many ACHs, as is Washington state. Although each ACH is unique, they share a common goal of promoting health equity (often based around various measurements of social determinants of health). To read more about the 37 ACHs funded by CACHI, click here.
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